Pulsar Challenger GS Super 1+ 1×20 Night Vision Goggles


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Pulsar Challenger GS Super 1 1×20 Night Vision Goggles

The Challenger GS 1×20 PL74095 is a multifunctional night vision device. The Challenger GS 1×20 has a number of applications. It can be used as a night vision monocular, night vision goggles (if set up on a Head Mount; the device can be used either for the right or the left eye), and a night attachment for a day optical riflescope or a collimator sight. The body of the device is hermetically sealed which enables use in inclement weather (fog, heavy shower, dusty environment, sand storm etc.)

  • Single switch button operation
  • IR illuminator
  • Built-in tripod socket
  • Hand-held and hands-free use
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable, compact body
  • Water resistant, Dust resistant



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