Pulsar Phantom Starburst Eyecup


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Pulsar Phantom Starburst Eyecup PL76000.001

Leading the way in advanced optic accessories, Pulsar introduces the Phantom Starburst Eyecup (PSE). Constructed out of premium rubber, the 1.9 oz Starburst Eyecup gives the shooter the tactical advantage during nighttime shooting operations. Designed for night vision riflescopes, the Starburst Eyecup prevents the glow of the night vision optic from reflecting off the face of the shooter. This allows the shooter the covert ability to acquire a target, advance to a more advantageous firing position and eliminate the threat, without leaving a light signature in the process. For those who need to remain under the radar and out of sight, the Pulsar PSE is an imperative addition to night vision riflescopes if you want to outlast the opposition.

  • Starburst closure prevents light from image intensifer exiting the eyepiece, thereby reducing detection.
  • Easy attach/detach method
  • Comfortable eyecup design



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