Buying NFA Items

How to Buy Machine Guns, Suppressors, Short-Barreled Shotguns, A.O.W.’s and Short Barreled Rifles, as Regulated by the ATF and the National Firearms Act, (NFA.)

It is a common misconception that machine guns, suppressors and sbr cannot be owned by law-abiding citizens. This comes from the creation of a variety of confusing laws that have made purchasing a full-auto gun more difficult than purchasing a “normal” gun. But, if you can comply with the law, you may qualify to own a machine gun.

First a brief history:

In May of 1986, certain laws went into effect that made it illegal for ‘civilians’ to own fully automatic firearms that were manufactured AFTER THAT DATE. Many fully automatic weapons manufactured, registered and tax paid before May, 1986, may be owned by and sold to individuals. The full-auto guns that may be owned by individuals are called ‘transferable’. Some states DO NOT allow NFA/Class III ownership at all, but many states do.

To purchase a transferable machine gun, suppressor or sbr you must meet certain requirements (generally the same as when you purchase another gun, but with additional scrutiny), fill out special paperwork (called a form 4 ), and pay a $200, one-time, transfer tax. Every time a machine gun, suppressor or sbr is transferred, the $200 tax must be paid by the purchaser.

The steps to take to purchase a transferable NFA/Class III Item

  • Find a dealer locally who can assist you in all phases of the transfer. This should go beyond helping you fill out the paperwork: they should help you locate the gun if it isn’t in stock. It will usually take 4-6 weeks for the dealer to get the gun, suppressor or sbr from another dealer if they don’t already have it in stock (due to BATF paperwork delays).
  • Get your fingerprints (either by a police dept. or by a qualified finger printer, two imprints are needed) and two passport sized pictures taken. These will be used to perform a comprehensive criminal background check on you.
  • Have your local dealer help you fill out an “Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm” known as a “form 4”.
  • 2 fingerprint cards, 2 passport pictures, and a $200 check (your one-time transfer tax) must all be mailed to the BATF
  • An approved form 4 with tax stamp will be returned to you before you can take possession of the NFA item. This may take anywhere from 6 to 9 months.

Although it may seem complicated, we are happy to help you through every step in the process. We have transferable Guns and Suppressors in stock, and if we don’t have it, we can tap into a network of Class III dealers in other states to find it for you. Let us help you get the NFA item that you’ve always wanted.

  • If you do not know of an FFL/SOT Class III dealer near you to do your transfer we can assist you in locating one near you. Be sure and add their shipping address to your online order. Your local Class 3 dealer will fill-out the ATF Form 4 transfer for you. He will usually charge $50.00 to $100.00 for this service. Payment up front before transfer papers will be submitted to B.A.T.F.E. If you are paying by check, we will hold the item for you for a reasonable time while awaiting your payment. We reserve the right to reject an order for any reason.
  • Have the dealer fax, e-mail, or mail his license Federal Firearms License (FFL) and his S.O.T. (Special Occupational Tax License) to us. We will transfer the gun to your local Class III dealer on ATF Form 3. This transfer will usually take between 3-5 weeks, depending on backlog at the BATF and other circumstances.
  • We ship to your Class III dealer upon ATF Form-3 approval. We will notify you when this happens.
  • Inspect your NFA item (at your dealer) within 5 days. If you are unsatisfied we will have the item returned to us. Refunds are issued after the firearm is back in our possession, less shipping and handling charges. A restocking fee may apply.
  • If you are satisfied, the NFA item will be transferred on a ATF Form-4, from your local dealer to you. This may take approximately 6 to 9 months depending upon the BATF and the FBI background check
  • NFA items are Special Order items. Payment must be made in full before transfer papers are submitted to B.A.T.F.E. Cancellations made before ATF papers arrive will incur a restocking fee.
  • The process is complex, but we do pride ourselves on helping you through from start to finish.

These instructions are intended as a guide only

Penalties for illegal or questionable possession of NFA items are severe.

The following guides and resources were used for these procedures and we recommend you become familiar with them.

A. The National Firearms Act, Title 26, United States Code,INTERNAL REVENUE CODE

B. ATF National Firearms Act Handbook