Zastava Yugo M48A 8mm Mauser 23″ Barrel Bolt-Action Rifle

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Yugoslavia Zastava / Importer PW Arms

The Yugo M48A 8mm Mauser a post-World War II Yugoslavian version of the Belgian Fabrique Nationale designed Mauser Model 1924 short rifle which was produced under contract by the “Kingdom of Yugoslavia” beginning in 1928 and ending with the Nazi occupation in 1941. After World War II, the Yugoslavs took this design and incorporated modifications based upon Germany’s Mauser Karabiner 98k. Although similar in general appearance to that of the German rifle.

The main difference between the M48A and the K98k is that the M48 uses an intermediate-length receiver and sheet metal stampings for the magazine floor plate. These changes sped production while lowering cost. The critical bolt and receiver which contain the pressure of the burning propellant within the cartridge case retained the same material requirements and design tolerances (i.e. were machined from forged steel) in the A and B variations. They are usually easily identified by the top handguard which extends behind the rear sight and ends just in front of the receiver ring, although this feature exists on other models as well.

Rifle is in very good condition. Nice Yugoslavia crest on receiver ring.

Yugo M48A Specifications:

  • Mfg.: Zastava
  • Model: Yugo M48A
  • Caliber: 7.92×57 mm (8 mm Mauser)
  • Barrel: 23.25″
  • Capacity: 5 Rounds
  • Safety: Crossbolt
  • Sights: Rear STD V-notch, Adjustable Front Hooded, Inverted V
  • Overall Length: 43.5″
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Stock: Wood
  • Finish: Black


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